anti-wrinkle injections

forehead wrinkles

frown lines

crows feet (smile lines around eyes)

eyebrow lift



nasal area

Bloom Aesthetics specialise in reversing the clock without resorting to surgical procedures... with Anti-Wrinkle injections.

Rebecca Habersberger is renowned for her years of experience in cosmetic practices, her comprehensive knowledge of the facial anatomy, and her meticulous and precise methods, achieving outstanding results with minimal discomfort.

The Anti-Wrinkle injections work by relaxing the facial muscles by blocking the nerve impulses, preventing the skin from creasing and resulting in a smooth and considerably younger looking appearance. 

This treatment is available for many areas of the face and body and is suitable for both women and men

dermal fillers

lip augmentation

chin augmentation

tear trough fillers (under eye bags)

cheek enhancement

improving appearance of jowls

acne scarring

Dermal fillers are typically a non-animal based hyaluronic acid, which can be injected into the skin to restore volume and elasticity, firming and plumping up the skin by attracting water to the deeper layers of the skin. Wrinkles and lines are greatly diminished, resulting in a visibly more youthful appearance. This is a safe and far less invasive alternative to surgery, with minimal discomfort and almost instant results. The treatment is safe and the result is long lasting. Dermal fillers can be used on any part of the face that face, however it's most commonly used to add volume and smoothness to lips, reduce wrinkles and lines on lip contours, fill stubborn frown lines that cannot be improved with muscle-relaxing injections alone , improving the appearance of tear troughs (under eye area), improve appearance of the nasolabial folds (ageing lines from the lower corner of the lip to the corner of the mouth), plump cheeks, and improve the appearance of jowls. Fillers can also be used to improve the apearance of acne scars.

chemical peels

treat face, neck or hands

reduce fine lines and wrinkles

improve appearance of mild scars

reduce age spots, freckles & dark patches

improve feel & appearance of skin

For faces with several issues to address, such as the combination of developing wrinkles, age spots, blotchiness, acne damage or sun damage, a chemical peel may be the best solution. A chemical peel involves the application of toxic chemical solutions to the skin in a controlled manner, producing controlled tissue death.  After the peel, the skin regenerates through the growth of cells from deeper layers of the epidermis or from undamaged hair follicles. When performed by a skilled and experienced professional, a chemical peel can safely reduce wrinkles and correct skin tone. Although there is a possibility of experiencing mild side effects (such as mild irritation, redness and peeling), these usually only last for a few days, and you will then be left with smoother, more evenly toned and more youthful skin. Rebecca will conduct an initial consultation to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a chemical peel.

non-surgical face lift

renew a more youthful total face

appearance by resculpting and

contouring without the need

for surgery using only a combination

of anti-wrinkle and filling injections 

At Bloom Aesthetics, one of our areas of expertise is achieving a total face transformation similar to that achieved by surgery, with a combination of Anti-Wrinkle injections and Dermal fillers. This method is a fraction of the cost of Face Lift surgery, with little or no down time and recovery time,  and most importantly, greatly minimise the risks that accompany any surgery. Rebecca will asses your face, and using a combination of Anti-Wrikle and Filling injections, will be able to smooth, shape, volumise and lift areas of concern, allowing us to achieve a significantly youthful appearance almost instantly. 

non-surgical DOUBLE CHIN reduction

non surgical lipo for permanent reduction of double chin in just two 

walk in / walk out treatments

If you have struggled with self consciousness due to a double chin, we finally have a safe, non invasive and permanent solution, available at less than half the cost of traditional liposuction. This injectable treatment works by dissolving the fat cells and causing them to be naturally eliminated by the body. This results is a permanently more defined and contoured jawline and a significant reduction in the appearance of a double chin. The treatment typically consists of two sessions approximately one month apart. Each treatment is approximately 15 minutes and there is little to no down time or recovery time involved